Pipeline Power Up



Our virtual online cohort training includes live group sessions, and weekly office hours for tech support, plus templates, worksheets, and copywriting formulas that help you book more sales calls.

What is This?

It's a live 6-week online cohort. 

The course covers a combination of sales, marketing, and social media tactics to build, grow, and nurture ideal-fit leads and book more qualified sales appointments.

You'll learn:

  • Why¬†people aren't opening your emails
  • How to "shop" for clients
  • The EXACT sequence we've used to close over $150,000 in business
  • How to make prospects think it's their idea to do business with you
Building a B2B Pipeline

Is This Marketing or Sales Training?

The short answer is...BOTH. The focus of this cohort is building a B2B pipeline that is highly automated. This course is for you if:

  • You're a marketer responsible for generating qualified leads & sales appointments
  • You're a salesperson responsible for sourcing your own leads & booking your own sales appointments
  • You have a hybrid sales/marketing role
  • You are an owner/founder who is the primary salesperson
  • You are a marketing or sales leader who is building/creating a sales process
The Cohort

What to Expect

The cohort will meet virtually live once a week on Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. EDT.  We do this as a cohort model because we've found you'll learn more and are more likely to follow through on the work outside of class if you have the accountability of a group. The work includes:

  • Weekly cohort training lasting 1 hour
  • Optional weekly office hours for technical and other support
  • About 1-2 hours of homework per week
  • Available as-needed 15-minute 1 on 1s with our support team









Our Summer 2024 Cohort Starts June 5th @ 11 a.m. EDT


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Hi, I'm Tracy!

I've sold everything from girl scout cookies to mausoleum space (seriously), but when I started in B2B sales I suddenly found I was out of my depth. 

While many principles of selling like qualification, negotiation, and closing are part of all selling, I wasn't prepared for other aspects of the B2B process. 

I didn't understand or appreciate the importance of prospecting. I believed outbound was what bad and/or annoying salespeople do, and I almost went out of business waiting on inbound leads that were never going to come.

If you're tired of bad leads, feast or famine sales, and never knowing where your next deal is coming from I've been there. 

I made all the mistakes & I can spare you a few + help you scale up FASTER


I'll teach you all the things I've learned along the way, and you'll get the chance to learn alongside people who are in your corner, cheering you along and holding you accountable when you need it. My process works, but don't take my word for it, here is what previous cohort members have to say:

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Pipeline Power Up

This comprehensive course will help you create a profitable, sustainable pipeline.